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If you are looking to tell the story of your brand in a captivating way, then look no further. 

Our easy to use, high quality video service allows business owners to capture the imagination of their audience and build that credibility and trust that is oh so important in the modern age. 

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How our service works.

Our high-quality video service allows you to cut straight to the part where you get stunning creative that communicates the best parts of your products and compels your customers to buy. 

1. send us your product

If we are going to be filming the content at our London studio or in a lifestyle setting, you can send your product to our office.

2. getting to know your brand/product

Our team will have a chat with you to understand your goals, product and brand as well as any creative ideas you would like to implement. We will shar

3. Choose your video concepts

Our team has a chat with you to understand your goals, product and brand as well as any creative ideas you would like to implement.

4. Create your work of art

We’ll then produce and edit the chosen concept, send it over to you and make any needed adjustments or revisions based on your feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be expected to pay for and ship the products you wish to film to our London, United Kingdom location. Please note if there are DUTIES or TAXES, we kindly require you to cover these before/after shipment of your item and may request reimbursement if we have to cover them to receive your product.
Our listing only covers one SKU per video. We will gladly film multiple colours and sizes of essentially the same product, but if there is a feature variance between products, it will need to be filmed in a separate video. If you are planning on shooting more than 3 videos, we discount 10-35% off.
Yes, but only if a return shipping label is included with the products. Please note there is no guarantee your products will be returned in usable / resellable condition if they are a consumable (food/drink) or involve hard usage (construction tools, etc.)

Absolutely! We do everything, including motion graphucs, effects and commercial free music. 

Yes, we offer translations into whichever language you need. Once we complete the script, we’ll send it over to you for translations. 

We give 5 revisions as long as the order is still open and not completed. 

Yes, but only in the Professional and Premium listings. If you require extensive effects (touch-ups on product defects, post-production color changes, more kinematic/dynamic logo animation) – please contact us ahead of time and select the Premium listing.

All of our videos are licensed for non-paid marketing + paid online-only channels. Basically for Amazon listings, Shopify listings, and things like Facebook or Google ads.
Yes, but only if you are able to provide us a high quality .obj file of your product. The additional cost for this must be quoted to your needs and is based on your product complexity, but generally starts at $400 for 5 seconds of 3D animation.

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